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Posted by on Nov 10, 2008 in 08-09 Bantam Blue | 0 comments

Bantam Blue Beats the Jaguars

Congratulations on the teams first win! I hope we can keep things moving in this positive direction. As some of you know Coach Flash decided to ‘cheat’ in this game. It is his opinion that the boys come out too lackadaisical in the first period and get behind mentally, if not behind on the score board. To mitigate this intolerable situation Bantam Blue started the game with a Power Play line. That worked pretty well until some weird call put us back in our own zone for a face-off.

The whole PASS THE PUCK thing has been gaining ground, albeit slowly. It served us well for two and a half periods. When one defense man’s ‘creative’ defense ideas allowed two quick goals with a scant five minutes to play; our boys went back to hackers hockey, it was every man for themselves. No more winning face-offs, no more head man passes, no more angles out of the zone, just one big messy scramble instead. Phew! We held on for a win!

Where are we going from here? Overall we’ll continue to emphasize the break-out. On the offensive end we are beginning to work in ‘puck support’ where players without the puck learn how to support the puck carriers. If all goes well then puck support will lead us into cycling. On the defensive end we are encouraging our boys to use skating skills, escape turns, transitions to create space for passes that will facilitate our break out. Additionally we will be stepping up our understanding of and techniques for hitting.

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