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2008 Greeley Stampede Tourney

Early Bird Tune-Up Tournament

NoCo Jr. Eagles Miget Minor A vs. DU Jr. Pioneers. Jr. Eagles take the win and earn second place overall in the tournament. Coach: Ken Swets

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Early Bird Tune-Up Tournament IMG_5842 IMG_5869 IMG_5844 IMG_5845 IMG_5846 IMG_6058 IMG_5874 IMG_6036 IMG_6029 IMG_6035 IMG_6024 IMG_6020 IMG_6018 IMG_6014 IMG_5964 IMG_5960 IMG_5909 IMG_5904 IMG_6031 IMG_5913 IMG_6038 IMG_5888 Zac Alexander - #61 IMG_5895 IMG_5894 IMG_5901 IMG_5921 IMG_5985 IMG_5925