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Posted by on Feb 18, 2008 in Bantam Black Blog, Hockey | 0 comments

Bring on the A Team!

Bring on the A Team!

NCYH Bantam Black Rec team Triumphs over NCYH Bantam B Competitive Team in the Arvada Hockey Association’s Winter Festival Tournament. Final Score: 4-3.

It all started with an informal group of parents discussing the merits of Rec vs. Competitive hockey. Seems most of this group had the same disenfranchised feeling and were eager to make a point. However that point would not, could not be made if the players were not up to the task. The parents would have their answer within the hour.

Scoring on the Zac Attack Zac Attack! That is what they call it in the locker room. The coaches look for it, expect it and have come to rely on it. Zac didn’t let them down. He exploded early in the first period, going end to end and busting a move on Caleb DeBuse, his one time teammate, scoring goal one for the Rec team. One would think playing a tournament game every day for four days in a row would slow a body down but that is not the case with this team. They were off to a fast start. Ryan Nafziger is the team’s leading scorer and he did not disappoint. After a few posts and near goals he finally succeeded on his venerable backhand, putting the puck in the top right corner.

Max and Quinn haven’t been known for their flashy offense. Playing on the same line they hooked up for a goal where Quinn put away a rebound from a Max wrister. This goal was a testament to good positioning in front of the net.

Parents and coaches rejoiced as the final buzzer sounded. They found each other in the post game crowd, making eye contact to share their knowing self-satisfied smiles.

With this win your NCYH Jr. Eagles Bantam Black Recreational team earned themselves a fifth place finish out of eight places in the Arvada B division. Zac Alexander pointed out that the Arvada B-1 team and eventual tournament winner had only four goals scored against them. One of those four goals was scored by his team.

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